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CROSSLIGHT LLC. Camera, Grip and Lighting Rentals - Trucks - Crews
5429 W. Washington Bl., Los Angeles, CA. 90016

OFFICE 323.965.7676 : FAX 323.965.7675

camera, grip and lighting equipment trucks available for rental

If you're in the business of film or video production we're here to help you achieve the best possible result for your project. When it comes to renting camera, grip and lighting equipment, we believe great service is number one.

Our commitment to service means having the best available equipment provided with the least possible hassle, freeing you to concentrate on all the other aspects of making your production the very best that it can be.

We are conveniently located in Mid-City, West Los Angeles, just north of the of Interstate 10, at the Washington & Fairfaix Exit. This enables us to have your camera, grip and lighting equipment where you need it when you need it.

Our team of experienced professionals are commited to helping you make your vision fly.


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